Svartisen/Engen is located ca 180 km due south of Bodø along the road Fv.17, and ca 120 km (+ ferries) due north of Mo i Rana. Road Fv.17 through Helgeland is named as one of Norway's most beautiful streches of road, and has the status as a national tourist road. The closest village with a food store and more is in Halsa along the Fv 17.

Svartisen/Engen is connected to Fv.17 with a passenger boat with several departures each day in the season (for scheduler see: Engenbreen Skyss). The trip takes about 10 minutes. Parking is by the quay in Holandvika (Fv.17) on the mainland. The farm is located around 400 metres walk above the quay at Engen. 

By the Svartisen lake is “Brestua” and “Svartisen Moose” located, ca. 1,6 km from the farm. Here you can find a café/ moose farm (Kiss a moose) in the summer months. From Engen Gard to the glacier itself there is a distance of ca. 3,2 km. There are nice roads for both walking and bicycling almost the entire way. It is possible to rent bikes from the shuttle boat Captain.